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What's being shared on social media:  

Hadn't heard of you guys before. Loved Foghat and Eddie but you guys were the band of the night. Will be looking for your other gigs now. Thanks for the great show. - Todd S.

I'm a new fan! You guys killed it, best cover band I've heard in a long time....keep on rockin' and looking forward to seeing another one of your shows! - Mike R.

These guys killed it. It was great to hear the lead singer sing Robert Plant the way he sang back in the seventies. Truly impressive band.  Tim O. 

I had never heard of your band before seeing you at Red Rocks on Sunday night and you guys are AWESOME! So much soul! I just saw on your calendar you are playing at Nissi's this fall! Looking forward to seeing you there! - Melissa G.

You all did an outstanding performance at Redrocks last night. Wish you could have played longer. - John P.